The Rainbow District School Board is committed to improving academic excellence by encouraging homework completion.

There are many reasons for homework including:

  • building effective study habits
  • establishing routines
  • developing personal responsibility
  • supporting the development of academic skills
  • reinforcing student learning
  • creating partnerships between schools and home (eg., opportunity for parents to read with their children)

Suggested homework timelines:

JK – SK     up to 10 min. daily
Gr 1 – 3    up to 30 min. daily
Gr 4 – 6    up to 60 min. daily
Gr 7 – 8    up to 90 min. daily

What to Expect for Homework

  • Completion of unfinished work
  • Project work
  • Additional practice of skills taught
  • Studying and test preparation
  • Practical application of a skill

Homework Responsibilities

Student, teachers and parents / guardians all have key roles to play regarding homework completion.

Students are expected to:

  • Take home necessary materials
  • Record homework assignments in agenda
  • Share agenda with parents
  • Set aside time and complete homework in a suitable location
  • Ask for clarification of homework assignment
  • Return materials to school the following school day
  • Obtain parental signature when required

Teachers are expected to:

  • Assign purposeful homework
  • Ensure homework completion
  • Review key concepts from the homework assigned
  • Ensure that homework assignments are recorded in student agenda
  • Provide students with adequate time at the end of the day to gather required materials
  • Review the nature of the assigned homework
  • Communicate frequently with parents regarding the student’s homework completion

Parents/Guardians are expected to:

  • Provide a quiet place for their child to complete the assigned homework
  • Read and initial agendas daily
  • Provide encouragement to their child
  • Assist their child with prioritizing homework in relation to their other activities
  • Monitor that the allocated time is being spent productively
  • Communicate with the teacher if their child is spending too much time or too little time on homework completion
  • Monitor the use of their child’s agenda or homework book