Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code

Our school community believes that a dress appearance code based on modesty, civility and health and safety sets a tone conducive to learning as well as being acceptable within the broader community, all within the discretion of the principal. Students are expected to present themselves appropriately for a place of learning. They are also expected to learn appearance and suitable dress standards at institutes of higher learning as well as in the work place.

The following are acceptable in schools:

  • clothing with inoffensive logos or comments only
  • appropriate and safe jewelry only
  • hats are to be worn outside only
  • footwear is to be worn at all times
  • running shoes or similar type footwear must be worn when playing with or on our equipment

The following are not acceptable in schools:

  1. The wearing of hats inside the school
  2. Beach attire of any type
  3. Pyjamas
  4. Exposure of the midriff
  5. Clothing with offensive logos
  6. Clothing that advertises alcoholic beverages
  7. Clothing with offensive comments
  8. Clothing uttering put downs
  9. Inappropriate body piercings

Walking shorts of acceptable length may be worn in season.

Jewelery or accessories which impede clear speech or communication are not allowed.

** All jewelery must be removed before taking part in physical education activities.

Students should perform a “self-test” before coming to school.  If, when arms are raised above the head, midriff is exposed, then the top is too short.  When arms are fully extended against the thigh and fingers touch flesh, the shorts or skirt is too short.  Straps thinner than 3-fingers cannot be worn.

We may have special days to promote a spirit of community such as pyjama days, water days, etc. You will be informed of when these days will occur and students can then enjoy a “special” day at school.