School Profile

School Profile

School Profile

At Northeastern Elementary School, two thirds of the student population attend regular English classes, while the remaining third is enrolled in the French Immersion Program. Northeastern Elementary School also provides special needs programming for students enrolled in ASD, ISP and Section classes. Students in these classes are drawn from the Sudbury East Area, which includes, Churchill, Adamsdale, Markstay, Warren and Cyril Varney Public Schools.

Northeastern Elementary School is a sprawling four level building with two large gyms and a cafeteria. The school also has a sub basement that contains a third gym, a music room, and a computer lab. Northeastern Elementary School proudly hosts a number of community partners, including the Northeastern Kids Before and After School Program, Northeastern Kids Daycare, an Ontario Early Years Centre, and Chartwells, a food service company that also donates a portion of their profits to the school student fund. In addition, Better Beginnings, Better Futures and The Human League sponsor the school’s Breakfast Club, which serves approximately 90 students daily.

Northeastern Elementary School’s staff works cooperatively to promote a positive learning environment by providing students with endless academic and athletic extra-curricular opportunities beyond the classroom. Many staff members make up Northeastern’s superior Athletic Committee, which is responsible for organizing and hosting numerous board tournaments at the Junior and Intermediate levels. Northeastern’s dedicated staff members also provide a number of special interest clubs and events for students.

At Northeastern Elementary School, our School Council is a strong supporter and ambassador for our school. As a result, we have a growing network of parent volunteers who assist in a variety of events such as our  Book Fairs, Adopt-a-Family Christmas Campaign, and our Spring Community Clean Up.

At Northeastern Elementary School, we recognize academic achievement and have established a Hard Work Honour Roll, Honour Roll and Principal’s Honour Roll. We also recognize the importance of regular and consistent attendance at school. Each term, an awards assembly takes place to recognize student achievement in the areas of academics and attendance.

At Northeastern Elementary School, we continue to recognize the importance of character development, community responsibility and service education. Our staff and students reach above and beyond to give to a number of charities and programs, such as the Terry Fox Run, Jump Rope for Heart and La journée Franco Ontarienne. We have initiated several programs to assist our students by actively promoting and rewarding positive behaviours, such as monthly Pay It Forward assemblies, providing an Alternative Indoor Recess Program, and modelling appropriate play by teaching Positive Playground Games. A Responsibility Room has been established to help students develop those essential skills that will enable them to be successful citizens in our community.

Our mission statement indicates that at Northeastern Elementary School, we recognize that education is a lifelong process. Every child is a unique human being with different learning styles, abilities and backgrounds. In order to foster a love for learning, we believe that education is a responsibility shared by students, parents, staff and members of the community. We make “learning” rather than “teaching” the fundamental purpose of our school. Our Professional Learning Community emphasizes a solid foundation in Literacy and Numeracy. We also strive to create an environment where everyone feels safe and valued.